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Rare Ship Swap letter!

Hello there! I won't make this letter too fandom specific because I'm not incredibly picky, but I do have some things that I'm not super into that I would rather not see.

1. non-con
2. major character death
3. omega-verse
4. sad endings

1. fade to black (i do like PWP and porn in general and I am A-okay with that, but if you're not into it, then don't worry because I don't need it! I'm actually an even bigger fan of leaving out the porn)
2. modern day au's -- LOVE THESE
3. good canon-compliant stuff as well
4. kisses

I'm so excited!!! Hopefully this is somewhat helpful. :)
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Dear Spacer

I am so excited about space_swap!! Like, incredibly excited. I've written out some things here that I love and enjoy, so please read on. I hope it helps!

1. Rarepairs! I love pairings that are unique or have small followings. I love to read pairings I haven't thought of or wouldn't have thought of unless someone else did first! It's always a joy to bring a new ship into my life because I am a huge multishipper, so multiship on, my friend.

2. Acoustic, ambient, indie jams. That's pretty much my music style. I'm into sad acoustic lady songs in the vein of Daughter, etc. I like Angus and Julia Stone, Alexi Murdoch, etc. Anything under an "indie", "acoustic" or "folk" title I'll most likely enjoy.

3. NSFW. Currently, I'm not incredibly interested in reading porn. I'm not opposed to it, so if you're writing a story and you feel like it needs to happen, by all means go there. I'm a writer, so I understand that sometimes you gotta do the thing. But as of right now, I don't find it super necessary, so please don't feel obligated to write porn for me. Although I always appreciate the sentiment -- because writing sex scenes for others can be kind of intimate and sweet -- as of right now, I'm totally okay with fade to black, or characters who just aren't ready to consummate or are asexual or demisexual. Those are all great for me.

4. Character Studies. I love prose-y, well written, thoughtful character studies. I love headcanons and introspection and unique thoughts on tried and true scenes and tropes. So please, go fun and enjoy!

Okay! So onto fandoms.

Sailor Moon Crystal | Tsukino Usago, Mamoru Chiba, Queen Beryl, Chibusa
So I actually love both the old Sailor Moon and the new one, I've definitely watched the old series multiple times, I'm a huge nerd and fan for it. The new one is totally doing it for me, I love it, I love the direction they're taking it, and I'm excited to see how much they're going to do! I am more of a fan of the relationship between Usagi and Mamoru in the new one, considering he's not in college this time around.

I would love a little more exploration into Beryl and her feelings for Endymion, the way Metalia used her love for her to exploit the weakness in her character, how she was simply a tool to gain more power and was trapped by the same cycle of reincarnation as everyone else. I'm a sucker for the bad guys, and in like ten seconds this show made me cry about what could have been.

Mass Effect | Male Shepard, Female Shepard, Garrus Vakarian, Tali'Zorah vas Normandy
Currently my favorite series, I absolutely love it. My main OTP for these games is Garrus/Tali. It's a small ship with not a lot of fic in it, and I love the dynamic between the two of them. I really think it's sweet for having been such a small part of the series.

One big idea I love to throw around a lot is the idea of twin Shepards verse two different characters. How their dynamic would change, what it would mean for their adventures, etc. Feel free, if you want to do something with this, to construct your own headcanons. I have my own, but I've never shared them really so it's not a big deal.

In general, I love most Mass Effect stuff. I would have to say the only ship I'm just not invested in is Fem!Shep/Garrus, just because I play as a Male!Shep and have never romanced Garrus. Obviously I've watched the romance videos on YouTube, but it's not really my jam.

Red vs. Blue | Michael J. Caboose, Lavernius Tucker, Dexter Grif, Agent Washington
This is a really important show to me. I watched it in high school and college and it got me through some tougher times and it never fails to make me laugh. I really just recently got into the fandom and it's been a hugely positive experience for me, which I don't get to say about fandom very often. I'll ship pretty much everything, honestly, and I love every single one of my Blood Gulch Boys. This show is just fun, so if you choose to do something with it, you should have fun, too!

(If I had to play favorite, I'd say Grif is probably my favorite Red, and Caboose is my favorite Blue. Also I ship Tucker/Grif HARD.)