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so much to do

Like. So much.

I've gotta respond to this prompt thing I don't know why I decided to do some kind of fic challenge I don't have any time to write challenge fic right now because they're all for fandoms I'm not a part of. Like I can definitely do it, it'll just be HARD. UGH. Thankfully my new job starts next week, so I'll be lifting a huge stresser off of my back. It's incredibly difficult for me to even walk through the doors of my current place of employment, and it's been like vacationing in a circle of hell telling people I'm leaving. Mostly because they either get excited for me, or start asking why I can't work both jobs. That's none of your freaking business, is it? Ugh. Had to have that discussion today. Frankly, I'm over it. I'm so over it. I know some people are sad to see me go, but good things are happening and I don't need this garbage energy they're handing out to feel worse about myself. It's just not helping. In any way at all. Good things from my She Reads Truth App today:

"Return to the Lord your God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love." Joel 2:13

Good words. Baptism happens in a few weeks, Easter Vigil, actually. Nervous, but excited.
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