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ugh it's been a week

and it's only monday.

I'm never going to say I don't appreciate living at home, because staying rent-free is something I'd like to do for a while longer. But oh man do I sometimes feel like tearing my hair out. Usually when my folks are fighting. This time around was a big one, and I'm glad we've all made it to the other side, but I really do not need this in my life right now, there's enough going on.

Besides that tiny mess, everything is good. The boy is stuck in SNOW and he's the one missing these parts now. Lady parts, too, sometimes.

I acquired a Nintendo 3DS on Friday from a former coworker and I bought Pokemon Y and I regret absolutely nothing about this. I'm so pleased with it. When I was a kid and my folks got divorced, my mom was really against the gameboy stuff, and my biological father was always telling me he was going to get me one pretty much to spite her, but I bought it myself for me and it feels pretty good. Twenty-four and making the important life choices.

A good thing I read on She Reads Truth.

"For this is what the Lord says:
'I will extend peace to her like a river.'" -- Isaiah 66:12
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